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Thank You To All My Family, Fans, & Friends For Your Support (And I Kept All The Comments)!

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Was doing some organizing and came across some motivation–hundreds of comments¬†from you all on my music and progress over the years! Just wanted to say thanks and that I appreciate all the feedback and support. Scroll down and see if you see your comment below. My Life Brazy (EP & Album) Campaign Stream Here Baby […]

Rest In Peace

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These St. Louis streets a mf… A lot of the people I either grew up with, ran the streets with, went to school with,¬† or got to know are dead and gone. Rest in peace ya’ll. Until we meet again. Andre “Lil Drew” Jeans – Car Accident – 2017 – STLToday Keith “Lil Rob” Rogers […]

How Buying A Beat From My College Dorm Room Changed My Life

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For some reason in college, I decided to reach out to a Grammy Award winning producer– and the beat actually changed my life. That producer, which I met through a mutual friend in St. Louis, was behind a lot of the success of Nelly in the 2000’s… Jayson “KoKo” Bridges of the production camp, Basement […]

I’m Blessed Not To Be Dead Or In Jail… Still

Farlin Ave downtown photo shoot - 2013 (St. Louis, MO)


  In 2008, I took a leap of faith and transitioned out of the dope game and into college… For the past 3 years prior to that, I had been in and out of jail for common charges among young Black males growing up in St. Louis, charges like: stealing cars, possession of drugs, and […]

Learning How To Act & Performing At The Pulitzer Foundation For The Arts

Performing at the Pulitzer Arts Foundation

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Back in January/February of 2009, my mom suggested I go seek employment at a place called Employment Connection in Downtown St. Louis. I was with it so she dropped me off and as I was attending the job training classes, a lady named Lisa Harper Chang came to talk to the group. She said if […]