African American Was Not On My DNA Results. Here’s Why.

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Recently I got my DNA results back from It took like 6-8 weeks and wasn’t hard at all to do. I paid just $97 for it. Anyways, why go through the trouble? Because–the term “African American” makes no sense–to me at least anyway. If you ask an Asian person where they are from — […]

I Quit My Job At Walmart

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When one door closes, another door opens… After we drove back from St. Louis to Dallas and unpacked, I drove up the street and quit my job at Walmart (on 4/9/17). I was working there as a Customer Service Manager for the past 11 months, and finally, it was time to move on. Monday, I start my […]

Video Shoot For ‘U Ridin Or Naw’ In St. Louis

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I pulled up a little after 10 am in my old neighborhood on Farlin Ave (in St. Louis) to get ready for my video. My lil potna Damian and his cuzzo were already out there. Shortly after that, my lil potna Lil D Jr. pulled up. Then my twin Lil Markus. Then my ace Jimmy. […]

Custom Jewelry… Worth Every Penny

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Today I picked up my customized Farlin Ave charm at Gem City Luis. I found them a few months back on Instagram when I saw they designed some pieces for Trapboy Freddy and MO3… I drew up the design myself and paid for it on 2/21/17. In case you ain’t know, Farlin Ave is the name […]

Networking SXSW 2017

T-Dubb-O, Tef Poe, & Farlin Ave at SXSW - 2017 (Austin, TX)

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Initially I had no intentions of going to SXSW 2017, but I was convinced to do so by this janky promoter, named Robert Washington, who told me I should definitely go down there and network… So I did. He told me he would help me get my music on XM/Sirius Radio (lie)… He also told me […]

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