Thank You To All My Family, Fans, & Friends For Your Support (And I Kept All The Comments)!

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Was doing some organizing and came across some motivation–hundreds of comments from you all on my music and progress over the years! Just wanted to say thanks and that I appreciate all the feedback and support. Scroll down and see if you see your comment below.

My Life Brazy (EP & Album) Campaign

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  1. Baby out here doing it big!!! SOOO Proud of you!!! –Cassiopea Houston
  2. Keep grinding bro I see you my dude –John Thomas
  3. Hey facebook family support my cousin Naheem Houston new album. 💯👊💯 –Larry Taylor Jr.
  4. more to come. It’s always great vibes working with a humble one as yourself. –Arsenio Middlebrooks
  5. dats hard –Deelyrik Arzinizt
  6. Dis mf hard bro…keep doin yo thang bruh💙💛💪💪 –CityBoi Gradylocc
  7. Awesome bro Naheem Houston 🙂 I will definitely order a copy of your album. Keep up the excellent work bro –Brett Johnson
  8. Nice keep up the good work –Anthony J Dudley
  9. Farlin flow bro –Oblood Savage
  10. That art work cold brody –Derrick Altemus
  11. That’s grade-A –Arsenio Middlebrooks
  12. 💯👊💯 FAM. YOU KNOW I GOT YOU. –Larry Taylor Jr.
  13. This tuff! –Shay Poppn
  14. Who that walking 🚶in that back –Shay Poppn
  15. i see that web on yo arm #SpydahGang shyt! –Moneezzy Spydah Man
  16. #DopeArtWork #FarlinFlow4800 –Norman King
  17. Why dude on the side of the car remind me of Lil Nate –Stephen Henderson
  18. Dope as fuck💯💯, I see Lil ponta #49Farlin –Barry Martin
  19. Yeh that shit hard… –D Thang Fmg
  20. #49 in the building. That cover 💯! On da set! –Ronald D Harvey
  21. Is That Lil Nate Behind You.? 😂😭 D Thang Fmg Hell Mel –Stank Badasz
  22. Micheal Farlin Evans
  23. You already know 💯 –Dre MovieMusic Martie
  24. Support is priceless i give it freely to my fam no matter what yall doing –TheHshow Houston
  25. Get that new new by Farlin Ave –Umeme Houston
  26. Finally it’s a must from me bro I support greatness with no hesitation. I’m hitting you with the bread for the music platform asap. –Jermain Ambus
  27. Check it –Arsenio Middlebrooks

Body Drop Campaign

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  1. ALWAYS H49D –Brandon Smith
  3. LOVE YOU LIL BRO –Brandon Smith

U Ridin Or Naw (Video & Single) Campaign

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  1. “Wanna say congrats to you kid your single got 100,000 views ever since we were in high school knew you had it!! Keep up the good work never stop working it pays off!” –John Thomas
  2. My cousin from St.Louis !!! So proud of you –Shannon Scott
  3. My brotha…. –Twin VS Justo
  4. Cuzo!💪🏾 –Bryon Taylor
  5. Everybody that say they fuck with me Please support my lil bru music please. 1 Family First Gang [4£yfe] fmgb luv b –Gregory Pierce-bey
  6. 🎥🎥🎥🎥 Movies only! –Eric Remrod Mayes
  7. Who dis Rakeem Keeper Twan Taylor?? –Tootz Smith
  8. That cover dope asf bruh! –Rice Orlando
  9. Keep doing your thing I am following you I am feeling it good look ti –Kenneth Thompson
  10. Let me know what I can do to help out let’s wake they ass up on your music u feel me –Kenneth Thompson
  11. Its a fkn video. –Brendon Quigg
  12. Awesome video! You ever thought of doing a colab with Trenton P? –Bryan Shriver
  13. He must be a lil pump an 69 music kinda a guy..lmfao what a hater… do yo thing bro n keep yo good work –Bennish Frank
  14. Finally an artist from STL that has a catchy song. And doesn’t mumble rap. Keep moving forward bruh –Eric Harris
  15. 🤔 A Reds hat though?! 🤣 shooting a video, “reppin” the city…and you go with a REDS hat?! Sorry, had to give you trouble for that 😉 –Elizabeth Vierdag
  16. I’m straight digging this.. nice rap style and flow, not the same ole shit errbody else doing something Smoove and totally different –Lavell Brown
  17. Aaaaay this be lit luv the hook much from the Boise, Idaho area nothing but 208 luv homie keep doin yo thang #PositiveVibes #YourWay –Adrian Gallegos
  18. No doubt 😎 good musik kin –Reuben S McInnis
  19. I fux wit the break down in the chorus the creativity was right fwm I’m in Cali but I’m from Michigan –Bigg Mainey Scavettii
  20. A bro keep doing what you doing what’s going on with me has nothing to do with farlin ave business so ladies if u r going to comment on something comment on the video this is this man business page not for the dum shit love u bro keep pushing negativity can stop u –Jimmy Moton
  21. First time hearing this I like it reminded me of all my family in the stl brought back memories keep doing you whoop –Quis Nelson
  22. I like the track bruh….and I see you getting a lot of feedback bc you didn’t wear the STL hat….I understand you got the shirt repping but nothing like a good ole fashion St.Louis Cardinals cap when you repping the Lou💯….keep up the good work and maybe we can work together and rep the city💯 –Tony Carlock
  23. Much luv stl me home state location on me side farlin n newstead much fame luv n happiness 4 all stl on da g side up b side c side vl side n all those neutral if stl find sumn 2 do we will survive dis bull –Jason Koonce
  24. Dope and something different for stlouis –Ronald Milton
  25. Preciate Ur work , can do it better man! –Edy Flow
  26. Love the shirt and the video. Just curious what part of STL did you do this video in looks so familiar but can’t place it. –Cheyenne Weckherlin
  27. Totally catchy, I like it. Where an STL hat next vid.  #STL314 –Hannah Vogt
  28. Aye kuz yo shit tight and it’s straight up the Lou.. Ion fukc with too many locals that’s hard tho! –Short Kut
  29. Bruh u didn’t let me know u was shooting a video lol bruh –Lenon Clay
  30. A the song decent and the video My favorite part shawty dont you jump in the ri-ja-hi-hi 😂😂😂 catchy play boy stay positive and feed the negative energy positive vibes –Eric D Bynum
  31. Isaiah Cuthbertson he did part of his stuff where we took those engagement pictures lol –Taylor Jordan Cuthbertson
  32. Robbie Kearney watch this and tell me what you think. He’s from STL –Hannah Vogt
  33. Cari Howard what you think!? –Jayme Ray
  34. Dope –Cari Howard
  35. 👍 –Que Vails
  36. What up bro, I see you 💯💪 –Myk Dyson
  37. saw my folks KO innis junt –David Foster
  38. This shit is dope🔥🔥👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 –Turron Ward
  39. Just keep Going🤔🤓Don’t Stop👀👂👍 –Dermond Leatherberry
  40. That’s what’s up farlin Ave –Kenneth Thompson
  41. Your brother represent with Brazil’s shirt.. Aisehuahseu save save gang –João Henrique Camargo
  42. I fucks with it good single –Steve Robinson Jr.
  43. Granddaddy out? –Ray Ray Moore
  44. This pretty cool tho –Ericka Mina
  45. Farlin Ave ….get them…. Dope song… 💯 –Mirza Bajic
  46. nice song –Buba Njie
  47. am from Italy bro I really like your song the way sing really love –Buba Njie
  48. Grand hustle? –Izzy Bambino
  49. This shit nice!! 🔥🔥 –Justin Muhammad
  50. Keep goin fam –Joshua Lakes
  51. He buzzing ? –Dlo Carter
  52. Nice bro –Jayson Vanelson Yfm’s
  53. Farlin Ave lemme get one the shirts tho –Devin James
  54. Farlin Ave I gotchu in the playlist –Devin James
  55. Nice –William Lamont
  56. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 –Eric Remrod Mayes
  57. Hell yea 314 –Connor Allen
  58. Ty Flyguy this that song I was talkin bout –Yeno Yeen
  59. Its sad how many ppl hate on dude. Why try and bring somebody down bein negative. If you dont like it just move on. Ppl need to focus on bein good at somethin theirselves other then bein a great hater. –Brendon Quigg
  60. Keep your head up fuck them haters farlin I’ll support your album make me apart of your street team got your back down hear that’s 💯 fam –Kenneth Thompson
  61. You might as well get used to the critics my nigg but guess what, if you ain’t got haters you ain’t Poppin nigga –Lavell Brown
  62. 👌 –Mike Morris
  63. LIT 🔥 –Ronald D Harvey
  64. …check out my Hubby and I in his new video ( U ridin or naw)!!!! Share it cop it whatever just check this out tho it’s a huge hit!!!!! –Cassiopea Houston
  65. Gone Cuz!!!!!! #uridinornaw #myshit mad I couldn’t make it to the video playing nurse but I’m there for the next one bcuz I know this ain’t the last! #youabouttoblowup –Sherielle S Reed-Granderson
  66. once again I’m sooo proud of u man I swear to god bruh I remember sleepin in garages being broke as fuck going in and out of jail car accidents etc u the real mvp keepnit up dude straight love proud of u bruh..20,000 fuckin views tho… –D Thang Fmg
  67. Ok STL family FB Family this my artist new single video tell me what you think be real no bullshit –Jimmy Moton
  68. Motivation 4800 4900 4700 –Jermain Ambus
  69. Hm Team –Jermain Ambus
  70. That mfa SMOOTH 👌🏾!!!!! –Bryant Adair
  71. farlin boy shit –Hell Mel
  72. So supportive I see u made it .. Represent home..#stlbound# –Devonece Jones
  73. Love the time me and baby had this day!!!!!!!’n –Cassiopea Houston
  74. My Cuzzo doing his thang. –Larry Taylor Jr.
  75. Day 1 sand box nigga im sooo proud of u bro u got 10,000 views in one week –D Thang Fmg
  76. ok ok ok I see u 💜 –Aaliya Massen
  77. Putting the STL on the map.. Son and his wife..🤘 –Duane Houston
  78. #Salute bro keep doing you fr….rep the #Bity –Moneezzy Spydah Man
  79. Check it out –Jermain Ambus
  80.  Litt  –Cece Buckz
  81. 💯💯💯💯SHORTY D ONT JUMP IN DA RI IDE😎😎😎ALL SUMMER17 –Bryant Adair
  82. Nice cuzzo –Larry Taylor Jr.
  83. RIDING R NAW!!!!! –Bryant Adair
  84. Just listen –Bob Marly
  85. My nigga #YungB #FarlinAve down in Texas #SaucedUp –Moneezzy Spydah Man
  86. SUPPORT MY FARLEN HEAD –Reva Kennedy
  87. I salute you my nigga.. keep the sunlight on you because I see the potential in you my nigga don’t let nobody stop your movement one-way shit.. –Hell Mel
  88. .god is good 😊 I’m so proud of u I swear god works miracles –Kiara Epps
  89. Check out Farlin Ave’s new single #Uridinornaw !!!!! ❤ this song!!!!! –Cassiopea Houston
  90. One of the young homies representing –Ol’Skool Reggie
  91. My nigga turnin the set to a brand like otf… #4987themoneyway –D Thang Fmg
  92. Alright Nah Nephew! –Rodney V. Reid
  93. My brutha been on that shit since 04 he MOST DEFINITELY GNE SUCCEED💯👌 –Monisha Stallings
  94. ISSA HIT💥💥 –Jazmin Wilson
  95. Awesome –Dawn Shaw
  96. Keep on grindn bruh tryna come yo way soon –Timeca Allhis Ambus
  97. Proud of you brother –Attik Noxin
  98. A must have. –Ronald D Harvey
  99. u know it my nigga we rooting 4 u –Jeremy Wilson
  100. Keep Movinn Forward Big Ckuzzo 👌🏾👌🏾 –DeVonte King
  101. We back baby coming soon –Tez Farlin
  102. ILU Brodie keep doing yo thang –Ieisha Welch
  103. U needa give us that gangsta shit tho u know way I’m talm bout .. –D Thang Fmg
  104. 💯💯 –Jaszi Johnson
  105. Rep The Set –Gary Ambus
  106. Farlin Shit💪👌👈 –Markus Rockett
  107. Man I miss that mf –Nathaniel Anderson
  108. Good Job little cuz I love it –Synetta Cowsette
  109. Ridin –Dawn Shaw
  110. I see you still doin yo thang bra –Antwone Montez Phillips
  111. ON BLOOD bro you did that –Hell Mel
  112. Too bad we couldn’t get out cameos but next time you did yo thang bruh –Timeca Allhis Ambus
  113. 🔥🔥🔥 –Jermane Troubleman Jenkins

Dealing Wit My Demons Campaign

Stream Here

  1. Home Team 5 star dreams pay attention that’s all! –Jermain Ambus
  2. Real talk –Teddy Willingham Asog
  3. Lol Truuuuu –Jett Mongotti
  4. Right! Wouldn’t even be here to tell you about it smh –Alyssa Simone Lloyd
  5. Yeah you right –Synetta Cowsette
  6. I know right –Judson Taylor
  7. U know it fam I’m riding!!!!!!! –Gary Ambus
  8. Looking good –Teddy Willingham Asog
  9. Where can I find your music Lil bro –Teddy Willingham Asog
  10. Awesome bro  –Brett Johnson
  11. Looking like lil Wayne huh –Duane Houston

I Love You Son Campaign

Stream Here

  1. @FarlinAve that mixtape you gave me at Collin College was dope 🔥. Btw I’m also a rapper from St Louis too –@ShawnMcDaniel23

Might As Well Campaign

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  1. This is so good I’m so proud of him –Kiara Epps

My Life Brazy (Book) Campaign

Read Here

  1. Shoot me a copy bro –Moneezzy Spydah Man
  2. We win when we don’t stop! –Shelumiel Ceroni Bey
  3. Shout out to my FARLIN BRO…we threw handz on da retta and a year later this nigga came in v.i.p studios and dropped the realest shit ever…#salute #mylifebrazy #yungbfromfarlin –Chris Crayton
  4. right on bruh keep on pushing my nigga shid i need a chapter in tht bitch my nigga –Dloc Rayford
  5. Congrats do your thing naheem –Shanijwah Maria
  6. Cant wait!!! –LaKisha Dickerson
  7. Wa good heem –Woosy Woo
  8. I got you Hood! –Ronald D Harvey
  9. Yop –Grandaddymroneway Rockett
  10. Send me a book if you can my great nephew looks just like you when you were little. That is amazing. –Carla Granderson
  11. I am doing good and I am proud that you are doing great things..Give the family hugs and kissing for me…Miss you son! –Bonni Lloyd
  12. U kno itz all luv big brah #FARLIN –Chris Crayton
  13. Can’t wait to read it. –Sarah Holbrook-Howard
  14. Ur welcome –Chelle Thomas
  15. Damn naheem u writing a book too…u ain’t playing u got yo mind set bra…keep pushing… –D Thang Fmg
  16. @Naheem Houston how can I get a copy –Synetta Cowsette
  17. We gotta order them are u bringing sum here –Timeca Allhis Ambus
  18. Love u bro I luve yo grind even more keep it up –Jermain Ambus
  19. Ok –Otf Treytrey
  20. Welcome friend… –Dawn Shaw
  21. U welcome honey –Moneka Lawson
  22. awready bro. mann at the after party, you ate had a drink then passed out lol. it’s all good tho.#FARLIN –Arsenio Middlebrooks
  23. My dude –Nate Young
  24. Real shit –Laa Marcus
  25. JUVEEEE!!! HA! U still jammn my nigga keep pushin –Moneezzy Spydah Man
  26. Love it babe!!!!! You go boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol in my (Gina Voice) –Cassiopea Houston
  27. Thats whats up bro!!!! Proud of ya…keep me posted so I can run n get it definitely want to read that…..I believe it will be excellent –Kim Msgotitogether Glenn
  28. don’t forget me friend lmao…. still ppa tight –Dawn Shaw
  29. Support!!Support!!Support This Young King is on the rise with his first of many novels. He is straight out of St. Louis telling his story that a lot of us can relate to. Congrats this is an amazing milestone and I cant wait to read it front to back –Jazmin Wilson
  30. Where can I get a copy? –Devonece Jones
  31. My nigga doing it –Walter Ramsey King
  32. Im waiting for my book –Carla Granderson
  33. 👌💯 –Karl King
  34. 😎😎😎 –Jaszi Johnson
  35. Awww you are too sweet..we are so proud of you but not surprised by your success. You are a gifted young man that has Gods blessings upon you…let us know how we can help promote your new book! We will see you on the top sellers list. No one can stop the shine that God gives you! cheers👍🙏😊 –Tiffiney Wyatt
  36. Yes brother I need a that hmu love and miss u –Attik Noxin

Murder Thoughts Campaign

  1. Dat shit hot smoked 2sticks to it turn⬇49 what 4900farlinavehead -Tony Morris
  2. No prob I love it…..stay positive when the world is against u –Devonece Jones
  3. Check out my people Naheem Houston music!! –Terance Igottit Hardy
  4. Lets get it” –Grandaddymroneway Rockett
  5. Farlin R Us!” –Michael Moore
  6. I like it bro keep up the music cant wait to jam it Tonight n my new spot –Jenifer Williams
  7. farlin are no one str8 like that #49 –Charizh Gotti Gotti 
  8. Yayyyy..Im so happy for u bro in law –Eva Rowe

Freaky Thang$ Campaign

  1. I thought it was a pretty decent record. –Rich Dollaz (VH1’s Love & Hip Hop)
  2. Go support Naheem Houston & download -Freaky Thangs- –Karl King
  3. I thought it was a solid record. -Otha “Vakseen” Davis III

Shittin’ On The Game (Video) Campaign

Stream Here

    1. You can compete with the majors on this type of sound. –DJ Smallz
    2. Free luh mookie brutha i believe if they sign u U MOST DEF WILL TKE OFF OMKZ –Monisha Stallings
    3. Yung b from Farlin… –Hell Mel
    4. yung b jimmy mh –Jimmy Moton
    5. Look at my bruthas freestyle at the end my niggas is classic: -Jakada Maccabee
    6. s/o my nigga yung b dats my lil brah…down in D Town holdin US(STL)down….had 2 download that”Shittin On the Game” 1 tyme
      #dat shit go sup wit the remix, get at me bro –Moneezzy Spydah Man
    7. Check out my Homie Yung B, from St Louis, doing his thing…. Check him out on Youtube also… Pass the Word, I think he may make it big one day…. –Ciara Owens-Pruitt
    8. My farlin savage killed it at the end rs we bn out here –Derrick Altemus
    10. dem farlin niggas –Damu Ryda
    11. Shout out to the Farlin fam!!!……4900 –Ronald D Harvey
    12. i be shittin on the game!- yung b……..everytime i get a chance! –Kenneth Igotaquestion McClain
    13. FARLIN AVE –Hiit Hoston‎
    14. Yeah it’s tight –Jayson ‘Koko” Bridges of Basement Beats

And theses are not even all of the comments. I’ll keep adding to this as I get time.

-Farlin Ave (@farlinave)

Author: Farlin Ave

Naheem “Farlin Ave” Houston is a musician and founder of 7 Star Dreams. When not busy being an entrepreneur, he works as an entertainment news journalist for the mainstream Hip Hop station 97.9 The Beat in Dallas, TX.

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