Working With Rico Recklezz

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So I was online and I came across these crazy interviews on DJ Smallz Eyez and VladTV about this guy named Rico Recklezz from Chicago who’s got a crazy buzz in the streets right now…

I checked out his social media and he mentioned that he was in Texas so I reached out to him and invited him to come by the station that Friday…

Friday didn’t work out so he ended up swinging by on Monday and doing this crazy interview with 97.9 The Beat’s Veda Loca, which I got to shoot. Overall, I think bro a good dude, he just real controversial. But hey, he eating off his music and he bettering his life, so it is what it is. I salute.

Check out that crazy interview below I was telling you about… Recklezz.

-Farlin Ave (@farlinave)

Author: Farlin Ave

Naheem “Farlin Ave” Houston is a musician and founder of 7 Star Dreams. When not busy being an entrepreneur, he works as an entertainment news journalist for the mainstream Hip Hop station 97.9 The Beat in Dallas, TX.

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