Working 97.9 The Beat Spring Fest 2018

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Spring Fest 2018

Spring Fest 2018

This event turned out to be a good one despite the challenges. My role was pretty much promoting the event via social media and online…

Challenge #1: Lil Xan who was originally headlining the tour cancelled.

Challenge #2: On social media, 90% of the Dallas market was roasting the artist lineup.

However, the turnout was good and the fans loved the show. The campaign I ran reached over 100,000 people which was amazing in a short amount of time. The artists that performed were: Rich Life Dynasty, BlocBoy JB, Lil Ronny MothaF, Trapboy Freddy, Cutty Forever, Sherwood Marty, and YBN Nahmir.

Check out the photo gallery and videos here.

-Farlin Ave (@farlinave)

Author: Farlin Ave

Naheem “Farlin Ave” Houston is a musician and founder of 7 Star Dreams. When not busy being an entrepreneur, he works as an entertainment news journalist for the mainstream Hip Hop station 97.9 The Beat in Dallas, TX.

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